Voluntary Recall: Philips-Respironics invasive and non-invasive ventilators

June 16, 2021 3:26 pm

CRCCS is aware that many of the Philips-Respironics invasive and non-invasive ventilators have been voluntarily recalled. We have no information other than what has been provided by Philips-Respironics. Although we cannot make any guarantees without long term follow up, it appears as though the risk for dangerous outcomes is very low.

If you or your child is on one of these machines, it is because it is deemed beneficial, if not vital, for your (or your child’s) health. At this time, because alternatives may not be readily available, and the known benefit likely outweighs the potential risk, we recommend continuing to use the device as you are, until this is resolved. Please continue to follow guidance from your child’s DME provider as more information becomes available.

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