Home Care

Happy father and daughter spending some quality time
The CRCCS Home Care program has developed over 25 years and is centered around the multidisciplinary care of children with chronic healthcare needs and technology dependency. Our staff provides guidance and hands-on care for hundreds of children in Minnesota and the upper Midwest with chronic respiratory failure, artificial airways, non-invasive airway support, progressive neuromuscular disease, and complex technological needs with multi-organ failure.

Our goal is to allow the chronically ill child the opportunity to live, love, thrive, and develop in a family-centered environment if at all possible. We provide comprehensive respiratory, nutritional, metabolic, and nursing care through teamwork and partnerships with home nursing and respiratory companies around the state.

Our physicians are board certified in pediatrics, pediatric pulmonology, and pediatric critical care which enables us to knowledgeably manage the complete patient, not just one organ system. We provide a seamless transition from home care to hospital care and back. Utilizing an extensive array of consultants in multiple specialties, we are able to coordinate the total healthcare needs of each patient and individualize that care in the most efficient manner. We coordinate follow-ups, surgical procedures, consultations, and re-admissions.

We monitor patient data and outcomes for “Best Practice” and optimal care through quality control. Our outcomes for children with chronic respiratory failure are the best published for mortality and hospital re-admissions. We are truly the optimal medical home for children with severe chronic respiratory diseases.

Some of the most common disorders that we treat are:

  • Bronchopulmonary dysplasia/chronic lung disease of prematurity
  • Congenital lung and airway abnormalities
  • CHARGE syndrome
  • Neuromuscular diseases such as SMA (spinal muscular atrophy) and MD (muscular dystrophy)
  • Complex congenital heart disease that requires long-term mechanical ventilatory support


Clinic Care

We have 6 clinics available for our technology dependent children.

These clinics are located in:

Please contact us for an appointment in the location most convenient for you.