Patient & Family Frequently Asked Questions

The school nurse is asking for a medication form for my child to keep their inhaler at school. What do I give them?
Our Asthma/Respiratory Control Plans act as medication authorization forms for schools. There is a paragraph in the bottom right corner of the plan that states you as parent/guardian give the school consent to administer medications. If your child pre-treats prior to activity, those orders are found in the Green Zone of the plan.
Where can I find a copy of my child’s Asthma/Respiratory Control Plan?

Asthma/Respiratory control plans can be found on the web-based version of the patient portal at The plan can be found as a document in medical records.

How do I get a new spacer, neb tubing or neb machine for my child?

Our equipment is provided by a local company called Neb Drs. You can order directly from Neb Drs by calling 952-876-4057 or utilizing their web order form at ORDER – NebDoctors (

Who do I contact for medication refills?

You can request refills thru the patient portal or by contacting your pharmacy. We ask that you allow 3-5 business days for completion. Depending on your child’s diagnosis and medications, they must be seen by their provider every 3,6 or 12 months in order to receive medication refills. If it has been longer than 12 months since their last appointment, we will not be able to refill prescriptions until an appointment is made.

Do you offer same day appointments?

Unfortunately, our schedule typically does not allow for same day appointments. We are always happy to discuss any respiratory concerns thru our clinic Triage Nurse. If you feel your child needs to be seen same day for an illness, we recommend reaching out to your Primary Care provider for an appointment.

My child is sick with COVID-19 or another respiratory illness-what do we do?

We encourage you to follow your child’s Asthma/Respiratory Control plan. If they are having respiratory symptoms with their illness, go ahead and start the Yellow Zone medications. If symptoms worsen, then move to the Red Zone of the plan. As always, our Triage nurse is available to review any respiratory related questions or concerns you may have. You can send a message thru the patient portal or by calling the clinic at 612-813-3300

Do you still offer Televisits?

Yes, we do still offer Televisit appointments as we realize not all families are able to come for in person visits. If you live in MN or WI, our providers are able to see your child via Televisit as appropriate. Here are some helpful hints to make your Televisit go smoothly: Please have your child at the appointment with you. If able, weigh your child prior to the appointment and provide that information to the Nurse (you can also enter it in the “vitals” section once you are logged into the visit. If your pharmacy has changed, please update the Nurse. If you are having difficulties logging on to the visit, please contact the clinic at 612-813-3300 so we can help troubleshoot.

My child is sick-can they still come to their appointment?

If your child is currently sick with a fever, vomiting, diarrhea or is positive for COVID, we ask that the appointment either be rescheduled or conducted via Televisit. Contact our scheduling line at 612-813-3325 for assistance.