Primary Ciliary Dyskinesia

Happy family, boy on father's shouldersPartnered with Children’s Minnesota, our group is proud to be a Primary Ciliary Dyskinesia (PCD) Foundation – accredited center. With that recognition, we care for children with PCD, a rare and often under-diagnosed genetic condition resulting in a number of symptoms including chronic nasal congestion, wet cough, and frequent sinus and chest infections. Our pulmonologists lead the center by overseeing the diagnosis, thorough evaluation and treatment of PCD.

Our providers work alongside a 25-member PCD team of experts including pediatric otolaryngologists (ENT), geneticists, respiratory therapists, and many others. In addition to evaluation and treatment of patients with PCD, our pulmonologists are actively involved in the PCD Foundation’s Clinical and Research Center Network. We are one of seven pediatric programs in the country and the only one in our region. As a member of the collaborative community, we maintain focus on the latest diagnostic procedures, research and clinical improvement initiatives. As representatives for our region, we will also serve as an entry point for the national PCD clinical registry.


Patients with PCD can be seen at any of our six outpatient locations:

*Additional evaluation may be required at our Minneapolis campus


Our doctors’ care for children with PCD hospitalized at Children’s MN. We serve as the primary attending physician during your child’s hospital stay.