Stephanie Cabler, M.D.

Specialty: Pediatric Critical Care Medicine



  • Fellow, Pediatric Critical Care Medicine and Pediatric Infection Diseases, Washington University in St. Louis – St. Louis, Missouri (2023)

Internship/residency/Chief Resident

  • Chief Resident, Pediatrics, St. Louis Children’s Hospital – St. Louis, Missouri (2018)
  • Intern and Resident, Pediatrics, St. Louis Children’s Hospital – St. Louis, Missouri (2017)

Medical school

  • Medical Doctor, Case Western Reserve, University School of Medicine – Cleveland, Ohio (2014)


  • B.S., cum laude, University of Notre Dame – Notre Dame, Indiana (2010)

Professional interests

  • Pediatric Sepsis
  • Infectious Contributing to Mortality in Pediatric ICU Patients
  • Infectious Complications of Pediatric Critical Illness
  • Multiple Organ Failure in Pediatric ICU Patients

Board Certification

  • General Pediatrics
  • Pediatrics, Critical Care Medicine
  • Pediatrics, Infectious Disease


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Personal Bio

Dr. Stephanie Cabler grew up in St. Louis, Missouri. After leaving to complete undergraduate and medical school, she returned to St. Louis to finish her residency, chief residency and dual fellowship at St. Louis Children’s Hospital and Washington University in St. Louis. She was convinced to move up north by her native Minnesotan husband and is looking forward to spending time outdoors year-round. She loves hanging out with her family and dogs, doing yoga and tending to her numerous house plants.