Dr. Scherrer continues to help grow the Society for Pediatric Sedation

March 6, 2013 7:00 pm

The Society for Pediatric Sedation, founded in 2007, strives to be the international multidisciplinary leader in the advancement of pediatric sedation by promoting safe, high quality care, innovative research and quality professional education.

Currently serving as Vice President of SPS, Dr. Scherrer helps enrich the organization by dedicating her time, knowledge and leadership skills. Most recently, Dr. Scherrer served as a peer instructor of the Pediatric Sedation Provider Course at the annual SPS conference in May of 2012. She has also been elected to serve as the organization’s President, beginning her two year term in May of 2014.

CRCCS is proud to have a hand in helping improve the pediatric sedation experience nationwide!

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