Patient Satisfaction 2013

2013 Patient Satisfaction

A very special thank you to all of our patients and their families who helped us complete our 2013 Patient Satisfaction Survey!

Over the course of the past few months patients and their families were asked to complete a survey at the time of their visit so we could better understand how satisfied our patients are with their CRCCS clinic experience. Of the 1215 respondents there was an overwhelming level of satisfaction.

Here are a few highlights:

It was humbling to see that over 99% of our patients happily recommend our practice to others.

“When your pediatrician’s kids start using the same provider as you are currently seeing you know that they must be doing something right! Thank you for all your hard work, understanding and support that you always give! You do a wonderful job and we are so happy to have you as a part of our care team!”

“We recommend CRCCS to everyone we know with asthma and respiratory issues.”

“I always recommend CRCCS to parents needing pulmonologist!”

Our team is extremely proud of the results as it is our mission to provide high levels of care and patient satisfaction every day.

Quality Improvement:

Although the level of satisfaction was high for all areas, this survey has identified areas where we can do better. Any area with 95% or lower satisfaction rate was subject to additional review. Below are a few items that our group will be working to improve in 2013.

– 94 % of respondents felt the waiting time in the exam room was acceptable.

  • The CRCCS team launched a time study to evaluate time spent during each “stage” of your visit. We hope the data will assist us in improving this measure.

– 94% of respondents were satisfied with the information about upcoming appointments.

  • The front office team will be conducting a thorough analysis of their current process of getting information to our patients prior to their appointments. All appointment mailers will be reviewed for continuity and ease of use. Additionally, we will be introducing an intuitive smartphone App to use to help manage appointment information.

To see the survey used, please Click Here.

Thanks again to all that participated in this survey. We appreciate the time and energy put into each response. Without your valuable information we would not be where we are today.

As always, please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns.